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Levi's Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics Staff Uniform
Levi's Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics Staff Uniform
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Levi's Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics Staff Uniform

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Faded Blue / Gold
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Most of our jackets were created during a time when sizing all over the place. To help standardize our fits, we've painstakingly measured each piece to give you the true, modern size.

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  • Thirty-five years later and still no wrinkles. A genuine Levi's jacket straight from the 1984 Los Angles Olympics. Wear it, love it, live it ;)
  • Model is 5’4, 135 lbs and typically wears a Small.

    39.25 in
    17.25 in
    23.5 in
    23.5 in
    100 cm
    44 cm
    60 cm
    60 cm
  • Brand: Levi's
    Fabric: Cotton/Polyester
    Condition: Excellent

  • Great for the warmer months or layering.


The Utility Jacket

The Utility Jacket

Utility jackets were first developed in the early 20th century for American farmhands, who, understandably, spent a lot of time working outside. As a result, they needed something warm and protective, with lots of pockets to stow their tools. While they continue to be worn as workwear, they've also become a widespread everyday jacket for their versatile look and lightweight feel.

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