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Friendship Blue
Friendship Blue
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Friendship Blue

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Most of our jackets were created during a time when sizing all over the place. To help standardize our fits, we've painstakingly measured each piece to give you the true, modern size.

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  • Made for the rugged outdoors, worn at the computer sipping flat whites.

  • Model is 6'2, 155 lbs and typically wears a Medium.

    45.25 in
    19.75 in
    23.5 in
    26.5 in
    115 cm
    50 cm
    60 cm
    67 cm
  • Brand: Friendship
    Fabric: Cotton
    Condition: Excellent

  • Good for windy days or warmish nights.


The Chore Coat

The Chore Coat

The chore coat originated in 19th century France as a simple, tough piece of outerwear made from durable cotton drill or moleskin. The chore coat was perfect for the tough physical work of laborers, railroad workers and farmers thanks to its relaxed fit and solid construction. Still worn for the same reasons, it has more recently found its way to cities where it’s used as a layering piece or a stylish warmer weather garment.  

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