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Delong Cousino Varsity
Delong Cousino Varsity
Delong Cousino Varsity
Delong Cousino Varsity
Delong Cousino Varsity
Delong Cousino Varsity
Vendor Varsity

Delong Cousino Varsity

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Our Fits

Most of our jackets were created during a time when sizing all over the place. To help standardize our fits, we've painstakingly measured each piece to give you the true, modern size.

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  • A pin for every race you didn't run.

  • Model is 6'2, 155 lbs and typically wears a Medium.

    40.5 in
    17.25 in
    24 in
    24.5 in
    103 cm
    44 cm
    61 cm
    62 cm
  • Brand: Delong
    Fabric: Wool blend
    Condition: Good

  • Good for three seasons, from spring through autumn.


Character Traits

  • 1 Authentic vintage pins
Authentic vintage pins
The Varsity Jacket

The Varsity Jacket

The iconic varsity jacket can be traced back to baseball players at Harvard University in 1865, when members of the team wore the first iteration of the garment. It looked quite different back then. As the story goes, the team decided to sew a giant “H” on the center of their sweaters, giving birth to the first varsity sweater. At some point, this varsity sweater merged with the bomber jacket and gained some leather accoutrements to become the style we all know today. It’s still worn by high school student athletes all over America, and stylish folks across the globe.

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