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Adidas Chevron Gradient
Adidas Chevron Gradient
Vendor Track Jacket

Adidas Chevron Gradient

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Black Chevron
Our Fits

Most of our jackets were created during a time when sizing all over the place. To help standardize our fits, we've painstakingly measured each piece to give you the true, modern size.

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  • Find your inner Marky Mark and wear it like there's no tomorrow. Cuz baby there might not be.

  • Model is 6’4, 190 lbs and typically wears a Large.

    50.5 in
    21.25 in
    26.5 in
    26.5 in
    128 cm
    54 cm
    67 cm
    67 cm
  • Brand: Nike
    Fabric: Polyester / Cotton
    Condition: Excellent

  • Great for the warmer months or layering.


The Track Jacket

The Track Jacket

Originally intended for use in sports, this style quickly left the athletic arena to become a fixture in everyday life during the 1970s. Since then, it’s been a favorite for everyone from early hip-hop pioneers like Run DMC to Chas Tenenbaum. These versatile jackets are lightweight and can easily fit in a briefcase or backpack, making them a perfect choice for fall days or summer nights.

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