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A.P.C. Hooded Parka
A.P.C. Hooded Parka
A.P.C. Hooded Parka
A.P.C. Hooded Parka
A.P.C. Hooded Parka
A.P.C. Hooded Parka
Vendor Parka

A.P.C. Hooded Parka

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Most of our jackets were created during a time when sizing all over the place. To help standardize our fits, we've painstakingly measured each piece to give you the true, modern size.

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  • fit
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  • This jacket will make you feel important. And that's what matters.

  • Model is 6’3, 165 lbs and typically wears a Medium.

    42.5 in
    19 in
    25.5 in
    33.75 in
    108 cm
    48.5 cm
    64.5 cm
    86 cm
  • Brand: A.P.C.
    Fabric: Polyamide / Cotton
    Condition: Excellent

  • Good for three seasons, from spring through autumn.


Character Traits

  • 1 Water resistant
  • 2 Interior pocket
  • 3 Professionally repaired rip
Water resistantInterior pocketProfessionally repaired rip
The Parka

The Parka

The Parka originated in the Arctic regions around Northern Russia and Alaska. Parkas were originally made from sealskin to protect against extreme arctic climates whilst hunting and kayaking, with the word “parka” deriving from the Aleut word for “animal skin.” While rarely made from animal skin these days, this highly functional design has easily found its place as a staple in wardrobes in colder climes.

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